Mission and Vision

Our Mission:
Chinatown Community for Equitable Development (CCED) builds grassroots power with low-income and immigrant communities through organizing education and mutual help.  We are a multi-ethnic and intergenerational organization based in Los Angeles Chinatown.

Our Vision:
We – the residents, youth, adults, business leaders, and friends of Chinatown – are the Chinatown community. We are united around a common vision for a vibrant, culturally diverse neighborhood, where everyone is valued for their talents and contributions to the larger community.

We envision a Chinatown with

Self-determination and Engaged Stakeholders
The residents and stakeholders of Chinatown shape the development of all plans, programs, and policies likely to affect the quality of our lives as neighborhood residents.

Cultural Integrity and Preservation of the Neighborhood
Future development in Chinatown that enhances and maintains the cultural integrity and preservation of Chinatown.

Affordable Housing
Chinatown residents have the right to high quality, affordable housing in the neighborhood as both tenants and home-owners.

Healthy Environment
Chinatown residents live in a hazard free environment that promotes the health and safety of our families, including more open spaces for parks, gardens, and recreational use in Chinatown.

Good Jobs
Chinatown residents have access to quality jobs and share the economic prosperity created by economic development initiatives in the city of Los Angeles and in our neighborhood.

Quality Education
Chinatown residents have access to quality education and training that encourages our children, youth, adults, and elders to meet their maximum potential.

Businesses that Cater Towards Residents
Chinatown residents have access to culturally-relevant, high-quality goods and services, made available through an active, neighborhood-based commercial district.